We import our products directly from source. Paying monthly rental has a huge cost on long time investment for a company, we provide the same report, tracking & service at a lower rates.

Yes, our GPS is equipped with engine immobilizer.

GPS tracking tells you which employees are on the clock and where they’re located. You’ll be able to see it in real time, with real data, and either adjust the routes or the workloads.

Yes. 1 Year Warranty on Basic Package & Lifetime Warranty on Premium Package.

No. All you need is a pc, an internet connection, and a browser. We shall provide you a Link, Login & Password.

When cellular coverage is not available in the area where the vehicle is located, the installed GPS tracking device memory holds up to 2,000 location updates. Enough to drive more than 8 hours. These updates are sent once the cellular coverage becomes available.

We are licensed with Google to use their maps, which are supported by the most accurate and updated mapping system in the world.

You shall be notified on real time by apps notification, SMS and Email.

MyGPS provides training right from the day your systems are installed. At anytime you can request training updates and refresher courses.

You own the product on any package you choose.

Generally we do not tie you into any contract periods. You may disconnect at any time by giving one month notice so that we may cancel the mobile data Service with our telecommunications carriers.

MyGPS Mauritius values your privacy and any collected data is not made available to any external companies or agencies unless required by law or request of a court.

You shall be notified immediately by SMS and Apps notification.

The unit is professionally installed within the vehicle. Installation is completely hidden from view including both GPS and GSM Antennas.

Yes off course, you need to install our Apps.

The GPS works completely fine in all types of weathers & conditions. Operating temperature: -20 – 80 (Celsius).

Our GPS is extremely accurate up to 5 meters. It provides precise data on time, location and displacements.

A GPS device is a navigation device that captures signals and receives information from the GPS satellites. It uses this information to accurately calculate its geographical information.

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