Engine Immobilization

Every year in Mauritius, many vehicles are being stolen and never been found, theft is a major concern for all vehicle owners. With engine immobilization, our prime anti-theft feature, you can stop a vehicle remotely by mobile apps. To prevent accidents, the system waits until the vehicle stops to immobilize it.

Tracking History Playback

Tracking Playback History allow you to keep a history of your vehicles routes/report for up to 12 months, virtually following a vehicle’s routes and stops. All you need to do is choose the vehicle and select required dates & times.

5 Seconds Updates

Every five seconds you’re updated with a vehicle’s exact location. Extended stops are shown tracked on the map as well thus giving you real time tracking using our powerful online cloud based platform tracking system.

Speeding Alert

Set a speed limit for your vehicle and receive immediate notifications whenever vehicles cross it. Create different limits for different vehicles, automatically set to the road’s speed limit Custom based alert modes (SMS & Android & IOS Apps)

Fuel level detection/Fuel Theft

Tank running suspiciously low? Our fuel level detection sensors & features help you keep your fleet running smoothly at all times. Real time fuel level monitoring up to 90% accuracy.

Panic/Accident SOS Button

Driver/passenger can immediately press a button if he smells danger or accident which will initiate an immediate message to authorized SMS numbers.


Our Smart Car GPS help owners to know the status of the vehicle: Ignition on/off, rapid acceleration/deceleration, tampering, harsh braking, idling, RPM, speed, fuel consumption, temperature, fault code, engine overheat, engine error & maintenance.

Eliminate unauthorized usage RFID

Knowing that they can be tracked, staff will tend to be disciplined. The GPS tracking system will help in discouraging staff from using the vehicle for personal and unauthorized uses. Each driver is provided a tag so that they can drive vehicle. Without tag, engine will not start.

Act immediately on theft

Our GPS are equipped by shock/vibration sensor that alert you if someone knock your car in parking and/or tried to stole it. What if you could stop your vehicle remotely from a computer/laptop/smartphone?

Warranty & After Sales

2 years to Lifetime Warranty is offered upon purchase of our GPS devices. 24/7 after sales services and emergency responses.


A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. It allows you to quickly and easily set up geographic boundaries around specific areas, then receive automated alerts via your mobile phone whenever a vehicle enters or leaves those boundaries.

Back Up Battery

Most vehicle tracking devices don’t offer this feature. If the vehicle loses main battery power, the GPS tracker will immediately go off line with no last location. Our GPS tracking units will keep on tracking and alert the user that it’s running of its own power. This is an important alert to let the user know something has gone wrong.

Mileage Report

Tracking mileage for business manually is challenging and frustrating.Using our GPS helps to make tracking mileage more efficient. No more forgetting to log trips. You can ensure that your employees trips are logged with minimal interruption to their job.

Idle Report

Idling your car or trucks engine, leaving it on while you are not moving, wastes fuel. Our GPS tracking devices can tell you how long a vehicle has been idling.

Trip Report

Vehicle Trip Report will help you to manage fleet all days details including stop and start places. Time & Distance traveled will also be calculated.

Downloadable Report

All important reports and history of your tracking vehicles can now be downloaded in many different formats, including: PDF, XLS. Get the essential reports, such as:, the distance traveled, vehicle stopovers, fuel consumption and driving hours in one place.

Driver Identification RFID

Vehicles in a fleet may be driven by different drivers, according to driver and vehicle availability. MyGPS features offers you the possibility to identify in real-time who is using a certain vehicle & where. Driver Identification solution helps you save time, be in control and provides security for each of your company’s vehicles.

Refrigerated Vehicle Temperature

Engien Temp sensor monitor the engine. this can be used to avoid costly repairs. Depending on the size of the vehicle, upto 4 temperature sensors can be placed in the refrigerated vehicle for collecting data. Minute-by-minute temperature report. An alert system will generate alerts in the event that the temperature exceeds the permitted levels.

Report Scheduling

Schedule trip, engine and parking reports to run daily, weekly. Reports are downloadable with google address in excel & PDF and can be automatically sent via email. No need to check daily for report. Schedule maintenance based on odometer, engine hours,

Live Video Streaming Dashcam/MDVR

The live video MDVR stream facilitates the monitoring of deliveries, students, or transfers of “high risk” such as transporting prisoners, money or dangerous goods allowing for immediate action if a security incident occurs. Live video streaming is a very important tool for crucial event management.