MyGPS E seal is a High Security Electronic Container Lock works together with a GSM/GPRS/GPS/RFID unit and it ́s based on a rugged, massive, harsh weather resistant container lock that secures the unit from harsh blows and enables it to be quickly and easily installed on the container doors so as to track and monitor any tampering or unauthorized door opening attempts.

MyGPS E seal main purpose is to monitor and control cargo containers throughout the whole supply chain without interfering with logistics operations such as authority’s inspections, transport, loading and unloading.

Build-in rechargeable battery, no external power source required
Equips with GPS capabilities, reports you where it is. 60 days of battery life. Internal 14000 mAh battery.
Cellular technology that communicates the lock’s status to your phone or via the Internet
“Keyless” design reduces risk of loss the key and greatly increase operation efficiency. Locking or Unlocking by Apps/SMS remotely.
When you swipe the authorized RFID card, it can be locked or unlocked.
Feature-rich online platform provides real time map, reports, alerts, lock status, users, supervisor records information
Text message or email alert on the predefined events: Open, Closed, Tempered, Locations
Heavy-duty, Robust, rain-proof design