MyGPS offers various models of Mobile DVR and different solutions for all kinds of vehicles, so that we could not only make rapid response to various emergency situations, but also shift from passive response to active prevention.

Track, Record & Video Stream With MDVR GPS Tracking
-Track your assets with GPS tracking,monitor passengers and driver activity, prevent fuel theft.
-Video security with DVR and GPS tracking,track with live video.
-Maintain a video record of your vehicle’s movements

The main benefit of having this product is that you can provide protection for your drivers and your vehicle. In unforeseen cases such a-n accident, having a video proof can help identify who may have been at fault. It also works for crime, if someone tries to steal the vehicle or if someone tries to rob your driver, then you can quickly help with the investigation by providing quality video proof. 

Our MDVR is capable of recording in high definition or 1080p video quality. It also allows you to track all your vehicles by pinpointing their exact locations in a Google map and provide real-time video of any vehicle. With this device, your fleet management will definitely improve and allow your company’s work efficiency to increase as well. Investing in a Mobile Digital Video Recorder will actually be more efficient than buying multiple types of technology. This is because this type of device has all the benefits you will need when it comes to managing, maintaining, and protecting your fleet.