Rental Fees

SIM Card Provided

Installation included

Installation Duration


Device Replacement

GPS Temp Sensor & Fuel Sensor Replacement

ibutton & ibutton Tag/Speaker/Microphone Lost & Replacement

Tracking Data Storage on Server

Tracking Platform & Apps

Support & Assistance

After Sales Service

LIve Vehicle Tracking

Route Playback

Apps/Email Notification

Geo Fences

Mileage Report

Speed Report

Driver Report

Temperature Report

Parking Report

Trip Report

Door Open/Closed Report

AC On & Off Report

Download PDF/Excel Report

Maintenance & Servicing Dashboard 

Towing Alert

Point of Interest (POI)

Disconnection & Low Power Alert

Fuel Level & Consumption Report

Fuel Theft Detection

Idle Time & Report 

Engine On & Off Report

Over Speed Alert & Report

GPS Backup Memory & Battery 

Vehicle Battery Voltage Display

GPS Device Basic Purchase Price

ibutton Reader (Driver Identification)

ibutton Tag/pcs (Driver Identification)

Speaker & Microphone (2 way conference) 

Engine Temperature Sensor

Fuel Monitoring Sensor 700mm

Choose 1 Option: Air Conditioner / SOS Button / Seat Belt Detection

Door Sensor Open/Close Detection

Engine Immobilizer

Installation Cost



Rs 400 Monthly OR Rs 4,000 Yearly)

Approx. 4 Hours (Depend on Vehicle Make/Model/Year)

Payable after 2 Free intervention per year  

Payable after 2 years (2 Year Warranty)

Payable after 1 year (1 Year Warranty)


3 Months

FREE TM//Android/IOS

Rs 6500

+ Rs 1500

+ Rs 250

+ Rs 1500

+ Rs 1500

+ Rs 3500

+ Rs 250

+ Rs 250

+ Rs 500


"+" are optional to choose (All Options depend on vehicle make/model/year)